Peeled Garlic manufacturers

The peeled garlic in Jar 5LBs, Fill Nitrogen to keep it fresh.

220—260pcs/kg 260-280pcs/kg 280-330pcs/kg
Specification: 5LBS x 4jar/carton;
Product advantages:
1. The nitrogen in the Jars, ensure the peeled garlic of long shelf time.
2. Garlic contains sulfur compounds so it is one of antibacterial
3. Garlic can promote the secretion of insulin
4. Can prevent fat deposition of heart head blood-vessel
5. Detoxification of the bowel to prevent gastrointestinal diseases.
6. Garlic can promote the secretion of insulin, increase the absorption of glucose in tissue cells, increase human glucose tolerance, rapidly reduce blood glucose levels in the body, and can kill all kinds of bacteria that cause diabetes due to infection, thus effectively preventing and treating diabetes.
Certification: BRC; HACCP; OU

1. What are your main products?
Our main product is fresh garlic,peeled garlic and ginger.
2. What is your delievery time after advance payment.
With 10days from get the advance payment.
3. What is the payment method I need to bear?
L/C at sight or 30% in advance and 70% D/P at sight.
We are the largest supplier and manufacturer of garlic products in Jinxiang, China. Please call me if there is any demand.
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