What should a low-weight person consider?
Macrofare His physical constitution and that of his family inheritance. It's a matter of being realistic and accepting yourself and your roots. If everyone in your family is essentially thin you can not pretend to develop a different texture. Although there are exceptions that is not the norm.
It is important to assess their agility and the fact that they are less likely to suffer from a host of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and others.
It is necessary to rule out a metabolic or hormonal problem. The endocrine should rule out hyperthyroidism or other hormonal imbalances.
Balance your diet with positive energy balance. That is, ingest more energy than what is spent, as well as control the contribution of nutrients.
Always stay under the careful observation of the doctor, who has to make a full assessment of the state of the disease and determine the dietary pattern and dietary-nutritional therapy most appropriate as appropriate.
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