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Forum Code of Conduct

Our mission is to provide users with a secure, productive platform for discussing news, events and theory relating to QAnon. The following guidelines detail the behavior expected by our forum members.

1) Comment Guidelines
1.a - Derogatory comments, attacks and insults toward other forum members are prohibited. Members are expected to treat others with respect at all times.
1.b - Use of profanity is disallowed in the subject line of discussion threads. Forum moderators can and will modify threads created by members to enforce this standard.
1.c - Be mindful of comments that may damage the reputation of our community; think before you post.

2) Prohibited Content
2.a - Posting or linking to images, video, text or other content that is overtly related to pornography, racism, sexism or violence is prohibited. We understand that subject matter discussed on this forum often surrounds government, political and business crimes and corruption, and we will enforce this rule in extreme cases.
2.b - Posting links to images, video, text or other content that is in support of illegal activities or violence is strictly prohibited.
2.c - Posting personal contact information for any third-party in an effort to pressure, embarrass or to "Dox" someone, is strictly prohibited.

3) Duplicate Content
3.a - When creating a new discussion thread, forum members are asked to use the site's search function to ensure that the information has not already been posted. Threads that contain duplicate content may be merged or deleted by moderators.

4) Copyrighted Material
3.a - Forum members are expected to respect the copyright of any content they intend to post. If you wish to share an article or commentary from any other website, please use a short, quoted excerpt of the content, and include a link to the original source.

5) Advertising, Marketing & Fundraising
5.a - Advertising or marketing of any paid product or service is prohibited without authorization from forum administrators. Fundraising efforts also require approval from forum administrators.

6) Policy Enforcement
6.a - Forum administrators and moderators reserve the right to remove content and users from our site, at any time, for any reason.
6.b - Forum members are asked to report any Code of Conduct or Terms of Service violations to site administrators or moderators.

If you have questions about this or other forum or website policies, please contact us.
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