10 to 1 US Coin Revaluation by Executive Order.

By immediately revaluing all US coins by 10X President Trump can do a bottom up infusion of cash to the poorest of citizens who have jars of coins on their dressers as savings. This will save millions of printing costs of paper dollars for the FED/Treasury in the coming years. Millions of overseas peoples may take notice and pressure their governments to do likewise for their own coinage currencies to give the poorest of citizens a small boost of income. Let a penny now be a dime, a nickel now worth 50 cents, a dime is revalued a dollar, a quarter equals $2.50, 50 cent pieces are worth $5.00, and a dollar coin is now worth $10 dollars. This will add millions of dollars of currency to the FED/Treasury which has a large supply of coinage in inventory. It will add a hugh supply of currency worldwide for the common citizens of all countries when they revalue their coinage currencies 10x. Power to the People.